AI-driven occupational risk prevention.

Safe automates your company's EHS.

The platform that anticipates accidents and enhances employee safety.

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Using your facility's cameras.


in minutes


Simple, accessible to everyone


Proactive safety for all employees

Operating in companies such as

AI-powered Vision

Achieve a safer work environment effortlessly.

Safe is an active tool in risk prevention. It detects and alerts in real time about all potential hazardous situations, such as lack of PPE, obstructed pathways, vehicle speed... to take action before it becomes serious.

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Live cameras

Eyes in every corner, in real time.

Safe allows you to monitor your entire facility through your CCTV cameras. Be instantly aware of any anomalies or risk situations.


Instant event notifications.


Secure image processing.


GDPR compliance.

EHS platform

24/7 automated audits

Easily generates reports with daily incidents and manages internal tasks to address the incidents. Everything in order and up-to-date.


Scheduled audits.


Record of past events and audits.


Create and share tasks with your team.


Attach documents, actions, and notes.

Analysis and recommendations.

Better data-driven decision-making

Have a powerful tool to control your safety KPIs.


Identify incident patterns.


Create custom reports.


Have data based on evidence and real-world proof.

Setup in a few clicks

Very easy to use.
Even easier to install

Start using Safe in a matter of minutes. You only need to configure the zones of your company where you want to detect risks, specify the situations to monitor (PPE, lane obstruction, speed), and their severity (minor, moderate, severe). And you're all set, ready to start improving your safety.


Protected individuals.


Detected risk events

Schedule a demo of Safe and discover how we enhance your EHS

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Proactive AI that learns from your incidents

Safe continually learns from your risk situations. It analyzes large amounts of data and recognizes patterns. It helps you make better decisions and prevent future risks.

Protection against disputes

Thanks to its history and 24/7 audits, you will have irrefutable evidence that everything possible has been done to prevent incidents.

your goal: zero risk

Your goal: zero risk

Determine the safety level of your facility with the Safe score. The fewer risk situations there are, the lower it will be. Your mission is to keep it at 0.

Private and anonymous

The captured videos are always kept on your servers, and thanks to AI, the anonymity of the personnel is protected by blurring their faces to comply with GDPR.

Private and anonymous


Safe automatically detects your CCTV cameras and connects to them to see what is happening in each area.


Shared reports

Workers can report incidents from their workplace, and you can manage tasks to solve any incidents.

Shared reports


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The best tool for EHS managers. And the one that provides the most security to all personnel.

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Safe in headlines

Achieve a safer work environment.
Automate your EHS now.

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Safe integrates with most cameras using the GenICam protocol and IP cameras.

Safe can be deployed both locally (in-house) and in the cloud, according to the specific requirements of the client.

No need, Safe has an easy-to-use application and also has the support of Safe staff for any questions.

The detection and analysis speed is very high. Safe is currently operating in projects with a cycle time of 0.4 seconds.

The images captured by Safe in production are stored locally on the client's own hard drives or servers, and it is the client who manages this data.

Yes, the AI model adapts to these variations in the environment as long as the feature being detected remains visible.